The Renaissance Eye, The story behind Floriana Interiors


If one of the great challenges of interior design is to find the intersection of principle and predilection — a common ground between designer and client — then the need is to find someone with a worldly knowledge of both people and beauty, and also someone bringing with them a network of artists, artisans, architects and builders.
Such are the resources and talents of Floriana Petersen, who grew up in Slovenia, in a small town of stone walls, slate roofs and picturesque gardens. While studying art history at university she spent summers restoring old frescoes in some of the country’s great cathedrals. It was during long hours meticulously pairing and repairing that she acquired her appreciation for the nature of what is artistic.
Upon arriving in San Francisco she began working as an accessories designer, making handbags and custom leather bound books and boxes for clients such as Oprah and Rolling Stones Magazine.
In 2007, she turned her focus to interior design, beginning with San Francisco Noe Valley home, which included a wonderfully creative indoor pool, along with superbly crafted furniture. Every niche became a tableau.
Her signature is a clean, sophisticated design with European elegance. She is particularly adept at drawing out her clients, to discover those objects, collections, and materials, and those architectural nuances that hold personal significance, and reflect the creative instincts of the client.
Floriana Petersen is also an author; her new book, 111 Places in San Francisco, is at once a guide, but also a collection of brief essays about her favorite points of interest in the city.

CALIFORNIA HOME+DESIGN , Winter 2015, page 88,89

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