Tales of a swallow

Floriana (8 of 11)

Spring is approaching and one way you know that is through the swallows, those migratory geniuses, always good luck to sailors, and now in its ancient pilgrimage to San Juan Capistrano, to reclaim their mud nests in the arches of the old vault.

It’s a lifestyle I completely understand, caught between two places, always longing for the place you left, always freest in the in-between. For me, between a small town in Slovenia and San Francisco, two lovers I could never give up.

Speaking of the swiftness and gracefulness of swallows I think immediately of my favorite dress designer, Isabel de Pedro, who has created a print of flying swallows on the fabrics of one of her most sophisticated and feminine dresses.

I put it on and I’m in flight; I’m away, I’m a swallow perhaps…

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