Floriana grew up in Slovenia, where as an art history major she worked restoring old frescoes. This experience deepened her respect and reverence for historical artistic techniques and gave her a sense of the methodical work behind a beautiful object or space.

Traveling throughout Europe fed her passion for fine design, which she found in many shapes and forms such as in grand villas, cars, and fashion. When she moved to San Francisco where she began working as an accessories designer, she combined the fine craftsmanship that she learned in Europe with the playful freedom of contemporary American design.

In 1994 Floriana launched On Your Marque, a business specializing in handmade luxury gifts. Notable clients have included Oprah, the San Francisco 49ers, the Rolling Stone magazine and many others. Her work was shown in the American Craft Muse-um in New York and in the Tercera Gallery in San Francisco and Palo Alto.

In 2007 Floriana expanded her canvas into the realm of interior design. Applying her European elegance, her extensive background in art history, and incorporating the newest trends, she creates environments that are both welcoming and intriguing. She works with her clients ideas and needs, and always adds a unique detail that is pleasantly surprising and meaningful.

Fluent in many genres, Floriana has designed, decorated, and remodeled residential and commercial properties in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Los Angeles as well as an 18th century Mediterranean style farmhouse near Trieste.

Publications & Awards